Friday, 18 June 2021

Dwarf Flame Cannon

Not sure why I painted this, it's not even a model I particularly like, but felt compelled to paint it and give it a decent base and here its is:

I thought the guy with flag could do with an upgrade. He originally had a tiny flag which I don't think anyone would see when on the battlefield. I removed the back plate as it was a huge hunk of metal about the size of a garden shed! It made the Flame cannon feel less like a cannon and more like a construction or vehicle. Now its just a simple tread plate but about a quarter of the size.

The noticed while painting it that the crewman carrying the fuel barrel only just fits it under the horns on his helmet! Proving that horned helmets are really impractical for almost anything. I also added a base with wheel ruts and burnt grass and bushes.

Monday, 19 October 2020

Ruglud's Armoured Orcs - Spike-Can Commandos


Finally got around to Painting Ruglud's Armoured Orcs. I still need to finish the bases, the banner, and maybe some extra weathering sometime. Rather than paint their armour in the traditional way with blacks and browns (which is the colour of most of my Orc army), I thought I would try something a bit different.

The story on the back of the box describes how Ruglud came across a huge room filled with dead Dwarfs. "Spiky Stunties an' reg'lar ones... wiped each uvver out...". In other words, Dwarfs were fighting Chaos Dwarfs. The Orcs loot the Chaos Dwarf armour. So I decided to paint the armour in the style of Chaos Warriors- would dwarf armour fit an Orc? 

I then had to decide what Chaos faction to paint them: 
  • Undivided - Black armour would just look like a lot of the Orc units I already have. 
  • Nurgle - rusty brown metal or green, and again would not stand out. Green armour and green skin doesn't sound like a good combination. And a lot of my Orcs are already in rusty armour.
  • Khorne - Reds and Blacks, tempting but still similar colours and style to some of the Orc units I have already. 
  • Slaanesh ...nope. At best, just complicated to paint those pastel colours. At worst, complicated and I would end up with kinky Orcs.
  • That left Tzeentch. A nice faded blue colour, and something that would look different to my other Orc and Goblin units.

This is a confusingly named regiment, the story states Gudruk is the chief, Ruglud is just an 'Orc hero' so seems to be the Champion. I'm not surprised by how many people get the models mixed up. The stat line says "Gudruk is equipped with heavy armour and a two-handed sword." and "Ruglud is equipped with heavy armour, a shield and is armed with two swords."

This is contradicted by their names being stamped on their slotta base tabs - see above (well Ludruk and Ugludd- but it's close enough).

In addition the story on the back of the box describes how Ruglud gets his head stuck in a Chaos Dwarf helmet. "The tribe feasted upon Goblin-flesh long into the night - all except for Ruglud, who couldn't get his helmet off, and was reduced to sucking broth through a straw." Which also explains his face being all squashed up.

But just to add to the confusion the end of the story also states "As the gear's discoverer and the bravest, meanest and certainly the most stupid Orc, Ruglud was made leader." So does this mean Ruglud was supposed to be the higher level hero and therefore the leader all along?

Either way, because of the slotta tabs and the story stating that Ruglud is wearing a helmet, I'm certain that Ruglud is the model on the right with the helmet on.

Finally the command group characters. From left to right- Maggot (Gudruk's offspring and standard bearer), Gudruk (the leader), Ruglud (champion), and Bambrag (musician on the xylobone and whiny, cowardly shaman).

I think I may have overdone the glow on Ruglud's sword, but it was my first time trying this technique. I plan on adding a banner later on. It will be made up of two ripped banners. The top half will be Dwarf, the bottom half will be a Chaos Tzeentch banner, all crudely stitched together. Probably add some Goblin trophies as the units battlecry is "Gobbo fer tea, Gobbo fer tea, Gobbo, Gobbo, Gobbo fer tea!"

I hope you like them!

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Harboth's Orc Archers

As it's Orctober I thought I would post some pictures of the Orcs I have been working on. First up is one the classic regiments of renown- Harboth's Orc Archers. This is one of the first box sets I bought as a kid a very long time ago, and recently repainted them. 

I wanted to use the box art as inspiration for colours and for the banner or standard bearer.

The back of the box has a story with a lot of character, including information like the Orcish word for moving out can also mean deserting, running away or soling one's underwear.  I also like the information on equipment, Battlecry, Deeds, Uniforms and Shield designs.

They even spelt Harboth's name wrong here- Who is Harbath?! But you can see a close up of the banner. I like the ghostly ethereal look to it, so I set out to make my own version.

And an advert in WD. This also has a print version of the banner, in bright green for some reason, so I used this as starting point to make my own version.

At first I made a version in photoshop, but when I printed it it just didn't look right. It looked fake, a bit faded, and just... printed on a computer. I tried painting over it, but the printer ink would run and react to water based paints.

Which brings me to my final version of Harboth's standard bearer. This was painted in water colours and some acrylic paints, mainly the black. The trophies are mostly dwarf, the story on the back describes how Harboth's Orcs like to kill and eat Dwarfs -"Pulp do Stunties!" Is their warcry after all! So Dwarf trophies seemed appropriate. I'm really happy with the final result.

Here's Yaskin Forit, the units champion. Unit Champions back then didn't have to be armed identically to the rest of the unit, so he wields a two-handed Dwarf tickler. He also manages to wield a two-handed weapon and use a shield at the same time! 
His name is sounds like "You asking for it?!" - the sort of thing some aggressive thug might ask before a fight. 
I didn't like the Roman style crest on the helmet, so I removed it and stuck some horns on, I felt bad defacing the old model, but I much prefer how he looks now. Much more Orky! 
While repainting Yaskin Forit I noticed he has a necklace of ears, some are even pointy! Gruesome! I also hope to paint some design on his shield when I get time. Probably a crude face of one of his victims.

The musician- not a lot else to say, except he's the only Orc archer not wearing any chainmail or armour.

And lastly, the man himself, Harboth. His original weapon was damaged and I replaced it with an axe. 

Saturday, 29 August 2020

 Chaos Dwarf Army List

For Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd edition

Here's the link to PDF download:

My main aim was to bring together all the parts printed in White Dwarf, Realm of Chaos, etc and put them in one coherent, balanced list. I wanted it to be representative of models and themes in WFB 3rd ed. WFB 3rd is low key, there are not many extravagant fantastical units, not as many as in later editions. Units are smaller, and specialist units are rarer.

Some Chaos Dwarf army lists have a great many Goblinoid units, so many that sometimes they out number the Chaos Dwarf units! I think this comes from the 4th edition Chaos Dwarf army list (the big hats) and the reason they have so many types of Goblinoids was because they only had a few Chaos Dwarf units and limited models, so they packed out the army list with Orcs and Goblins. I wanted the focus to be on Chaos Dwarfs, it is a Chaos Dwarf army list after all! More orcs and goblins can be added through Allies or Mercenaries as usual. These can be thought of as subjugated tribes if you prefer.

I didn't re-write any background or origins there are people out there who are much better at that sort of thing than me. I didn't try to retro-fit new models and force them into 3rd. A lot of them would probably be over-powered anyway. Newer models can still be used though, for instance a Doom Rocket can use the Mortar rules. 

I included a unit called Infernal Guard, mainly as I needed a name for an elite unit, but any models can represent these. You don't have to use the Infernal models from Forge World if you don't want to. Bull-Centaurs and Boar-Centaurs can use the Chaos Centaur profile, again I didn't want to invent something new and Chaos Centaurs are already in the 3rd edition rulebook. Dragon Ogres profiles can be used for the larger Bull-Centaurs (in chaotic hosts).

I have include Chaos Dwarf Swivel Gun rules that appeared in WD, so people don't have to go hunting for them.

Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut

I've included my own rules for the Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut as well. The points are not just plucked out of thin air, I tried to use the WFB points system and make it as balanced as possible. In case you are interested here's the break down:

  • 1x Boar-Centaur (double-handed weapon and heavy armour and barding) =37
  • 3x Chaos Dwarf Crossbowmen (crossbows and heavy armour) =14 
  • 2x Chaos Dwarf Cannon crew (heavy armour) =22
  • Heavy Chariot (x2 multiplier on the above) =202
  • Scythes (represented by spikes at front) =20
  • Twin Cannons (2 barrelled organ gun) =40


Points Total 262 
        (more crew and other options can be added at further cost)

I hope you enjoy the army list and rules and if you have any feedback or notice any errors let me know!

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Snotling Pump Wagon

Another classic old model. I had an Orc and Goblin many years ago when I used to play Warhammer Fantasy Battle with friends, but I never had the Snotling pump wagon. I always loved the craziness and rickety, ramshackle character of the model, so some years ago I bought one from ebay. Recently I got around to finishing it.

I wanted to capture the speed and how it is almost out of control, so I positioned the model like it had just gone over a bump. I tried to make it look like the Snotlings are hanging on for dear life, not always easy to convey with the models available!

I also put ruts in mud on the base to give it a sense of racing along.

Monday, 15 June 2020


Haven't posted anything on here for a while! Lockdown has meant I have got back into painting again. For some reason I started with really old models!

Anyway, here is a wyvern. It's the old GW Orc War Wyvern, I think was called Polly in the story on the back the box.
I converted it from it's static pose to one with a bit more movement to it. Wasn't sure what colour to paint it and eventually settled on blue as it's a different colour to all the orc's green skins. I think a blue wyvern looks ok? I may or may not add the orc rider later, perhaps use magnets so I have the option.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

7TV Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Programme Guide

I've been meaning to make a cast for Garth Marenghi's Darkplace for sometime. I've always thought 7TV 2ed was the perfect rules for Garth Marenghi, funny yet action packed.
Any feedback on stats, balancing, theme, or suggestions on Special Effects is very welcome. I'm still a bit new to the 2ed rules. I'll try and post the miniatures I use soon.

For anyone who doesnt know what it is heres a link's_Darkplace

And here's a cast for the A-Team for 7TV 2ed.