Tuesday 27 June 2023

Blog not showing up in google


Blogger blog not showing up in google

Blog not showing up in google

So after years of using blogger I found out that my blog doesn't show up in google search. I've tried searching for some of my pages which have some really specific words, but not one page shows up.

In my Blogger settings I have made sure Visible to Search Engine is on, HTTPS redirect is on, Enable custom robots.txt is off.

I've tried adding keywords to most of my pages and Titles and Alt text to my images to aid search engines.

I have used Google search console to request indexing and made sure there are no errors.

But still nothing shows in google search.

I posted some of my documents on Scribed and within 24 hours they were showing up on google. So its not the content.

Has anyone else found that their blog doesn't show up on google? Has anyone got a fix for it?

Monday 19 June 2023

Norse Army List Warhammer 3rd Edition


Norse army list warhammer 3rd edition cover. Norse king fignting on longship

Norse Army list for WFB 3rd edition

My aim was to use the Norse army list printed in White Dwarf 107 and fix the errors, add a few missing units (such as mammoths , ogres and Norse barbarians) and make a coherent, balanced list. I wanted it to be representative of models and themes in WFB 3rd ed. 

It includes Huscarls, Bondsmen, Bondsmen Archers, Berserkers, Thralls, Tribesmen, Norse Barbarians, Bondsdwarfs, Norse dwarf Longbeards, Troll Slayers, Giant Slayers, Ulfwerenar, Ulfjarls, Jotunns, Norse Hunters, Norse War Mammoths, Norse Dwarf Bolt Throwers.

WFB 3rd is low key, there are not many extravagant, powerful, high-fantasy units. Units are smaller, and specialist units are rarer. I wanted this to fit in with the other army lists in warhammer armies 3rd edition book. 

Here's the link to PDF download:

Preview image below of the pages - use the link above to download the full size PDF for free.

Norse army list warhammer fantasy battle 3rd edition preview page

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Wednesday 14 June 2023

Hobgoblin Army List

Hobgoblin Army List for warhammer fantasy battle 3rd edition

I have been working on an army list of Hobgoblins, it's still work in progress but usable. It includes; Stone Temple dogs, Hobhounds (Tibetan Mastiff or Mongolian Mastiff), Kheshig, Mangudai, Mourngul Wolf riders, Hobyars, Steppe warriors, Mourngul Archers, Hobhound Handlers, Hobgoblin Hwacha, Skyrocket, Kharash (Slaves), Almas (Yeti or snow trolls), Suuder Daichin (Mongolian for shadow warriors. Or Sneaky Gits) and Hobgoblin war altar.

You can download the PDF here:

If there is enough interest I will finish it and add the Hero selection, Allies and Merc list etc.

Keshig, Mangudai, Mourngul warriors, Hobyars, hobgoblin wolf riders, Hobgoblin Army List for warhammer fantasy battle 3rd edition Page 1

Almas, snow trolls, hobhounds, karash, war altar, Hobgoblin Army List for warhammer fantasy battle 3rd edition

Hwacha sky rocket Hobgoblin Army List for warhammer fantasy battle 3rd edition

Hobgoblin Hobhounds Hobgoblin Army List for warhammer fantasy battle 3rd edition

Friday 9 June 2023

Deathwing Terminators

Working on a new project- Deathwing Terminators (inspired by Koltti). I wanted the Deathwing Librarian to stand out and look different to the rest of the squad so painted his armour black but left the right shoulder pad and helmet bone white.

I need to do some weathering and find some red dark angel decals now!

Deathwing Terminator Librarian

Throg's Hobgoblin Despoilers

Here is the Regiment of Renown - Throg's Hobgoblin Despoilers

While painting the unit I started to think up a backstory for them (does anyone else do that while they paint?). I always found the champion, Grunmunter the Beast, quite unusual. I imagine that he had killed a sorcerer of Tzeentch and looted the armour and mask. This is slowly warping his body and mind, hence the nickname The Beast. Throg is either a scouting force sent out by the great Khan, or an outcast that has fled the lands of the Khan. At some point they turned mercenary, and although they originally rode wolves, their mounts have long since died (and been subsequently eaten). Their wolf skin cloaks are all that remains of their beloved wolf mounts.

You can read more about the original Throgg's Hobgoblin Despoilers here:

I went for an eastern or Mongol theme to their clothes and colours. For the mono-pose cloned troopers, I added some green stuff to their helmets and shields. On some I added fur around the rim of their helmets, or I added a plume of hair, or a spike. And on the shields I added some shield bosses or studs to make them look more like Mongol shields. The shirts are all a light grey linen colour, and the wolf cloaks have a little colour variation in them.

The banner I made the design in photoshop, then printed it on paper, and then I did some weathering afterwards. The Chinese characters 黒龍 say Black Dragon. It's not quite what the Mongol's would have had, its not like I'm not trying to be historically accurate, but the style is eastern and something different to the other banners I have in my collection.

Thursday 18 May 2023

Hill Giant

This is a few firsts for me; it’s the first true print I’ve done on my 3D printer, first time painting a resin print, and first time trying out blending flesh tones and on such a large model.




The hill giant stl model comes from loot studios. Below you can see work in progress.




I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I like the sculpt, he has a real solid weighty feel to him, unlike some other skinny giants I've seen. And doesn't have big comic feet.

It will be added to my warhammer 3rd edition orc and goblin army, or Norse army.

Saturday 3 December 2022

Ruglud's Armoured Orcs - Spike-Can Commandos

Finally got around to finishing Ruglud's Armoured Orcs. The story on the back of the box describes how Ruglud came across a huge room filled with dead Dwarfs. "Spiky Stunties an' reg'lar ones... wiped each uvver out...". In other words, Dwarfs were fighting Chaos Dwarfs and the Orcs loot the Chaos Dwarf armour. So I decided to paint the armour in the style of Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch. I didn't go with black as I have a lot of Orc units in that colour already and wanted to go with a colour that I hadn't used before. 
Not sure I like the final result though (there's an old saying about blue and green colours clashing - blue and green shouldn't be seen) and might repaint them some day.

It's a confusingly named regiment being named after the champion Ruglud, he's the one with the two handed sword. However, the story on the back of the box describes how Ruglud got his head stuck in a helmet which is why it's all squashed up with eyes squeezed together.
"The tribe feasted upon Goblin-flesh long into the night - all except for Ruglud, who couldn't get his helmet off, and was reduced to sucking broth through a straw."

The banner is made from a Dwarf banner and a Chaos banner stitched together. I figured the Orcs would not only loot the armour but also loot any standards that are left over. There's also some goblin trophies as the back of the box states they were fighting mountain goblins.

Thursday 16 December 2021

Savage Orcs!


Finally managed to finish some Savage Orcs that had been sitting on the painting bench for ages. Every time I thought I had finished there was always one more thing to do!
These are Oldhammer metal savage orcs made for warhammer fantasy battle 3rd edition. They will join my Orc and Goblin army. 

First up is an Orc hero. I feel like he should a tribal chief name, something like Stranger Come Knocking, or Tul Duru Thunderhead. 
He is armed with a stone headed axe and a boomerang. I love the details on this model, he is covered in bones, teeth, feathers, bird skulls, bone through his nose and you can even see the stitching and fur of the hides that make up his clothes.

Next up is Groldog, not sure if he is a shaman, champion or hero. He is armed with a bone spear, has 3 severed heads on his belt although they are very small so they either the heads of children or perhaps shrunken heads. Like the savage orc above he is covered in bones, bird skulls and you can even see the stitching and fur of the hides that make up his clothes.

The whole Savage Orc unit. All Savage Orcs wear war paint, it even protects them in battle. So I decided to paint them with native American war paint as this seemed more dramatic, and was thankfully easier to paint!
I tried to avoid any metal weapons and armour and tried to keep their weapons and equipment very tribal and naturalistic. Some of them are carrying swords and hand scythes, I did think about replacing their weapons with something more stone age, something non-metal like spears. But I didn't want to convert them too much, so bronze age weapons seemed a good compromise.

I imagine that these Orcs live in a mountain region so remote that they are still living in the past. They also have Zulu style hide shields as these seemed to fit the tribal look I was going for. Again avoiding metal rimmed shields. And even the banner is made up of natural, organic trophies- no chains or spikes for these guys!

Lastly is Gutbag, an old , smelly, and likely incontinent, Orc Shaman. I tried to make his skin look wrinkled and  wizened. He is from the orc war wyvern box and previously had a knife in his left hand which I removed and gave him a tambourine type of thing (I had seen a Mongol shaman holding something similar).