Saturday, 3 December 2022

Ruglud's Armoured Orcs - Spike-Can Commandos Finished

Finally got around to finishing Ruglud's Armoured Orcs. The story on the back of the box describes how Ruglud came across a huge room filled with dead Dwarfs. "Spiky Stunties an' reg'lar ones... wiped each uvver out...". In other words, Dwarfs were fighting Chaos Dwarfs and the Orcs loot the Chaos Dwarf armour. So I decided to paint the armour in the style of Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch. I didn't go with black as I have a lot of Orc units in that colour already and wanted to go with a colour that I hadn't used before. 
Not sure I like the final result though (there's an old saying about blue and green colours clashing - blue and green shouldn't be seen) and might repaint them some day.

It's a confusingly named regiment being named after the champion Ruglud, he's the one with the two handed sword. However, the story on the back of the box describes how Ruglud got his head stuck in a helmet which is why it's all squashed up with eyes squeezed together.
"The tribe feasted upon Goblin-flesh long into the night - all except for Ruglud, who couldn't get his helmet off, and was reduced to sucking broth through a straw."

The banner is made from a Dwarf banner and a Chaos banner stitched together. I figured the Orcs would not only loot the armour but also loot any standards that are left over. There's also some goblin trophies as the back of the box states they were fighting mountain goblins.

Thursday, 16 December 2021


Savage Orcs!

Finally managed to finish some Savage Orcs that had been sitting on the painting bench for a ages. Every time I thought I had finished there was always one more thing to do!

First up is an Orc hero. Feel like he should a tribal chief name, something like Stranger Come Knocking, or Tul Duru Thunderhead. He is armed with a stone headed axe and a boomerang. I love the details on this model, he is covered in bones, teeth, feathers, bird skulls, bone through his nose and you can even see the stitching and fur of the hides that make up his clothes.

Next up is Groldog, not sure if he is a shaman, champion or hero. He is armed with a bone spear, has 3 severed heads on his belt although they are very small so they either the heads of children or perhaps shrunken heads. Like the orc above he is covered in bones, bird skulls and you can even see the stitching and fur of the hides that make up his clothes.

The whole Savage Orc unit. All Savage Orcs wear war paint, it even protects them in battle. So I decided to paint them with native American war paint as this seemed more dramatic, and was thankfully easier to paint!
I tried to avoid anything metal and tried to keep their weapons and equipment very tribal and naturalistic. Some of them are carrying swords and hand scythes, I did think about replacing their weapons with something more stone age, something non-metal like spears. But I didn't want to convert them too much, so bronze age weapons seemed a good compromise.

 I imagine that these Orcs live in a mountain region so remote that they are still living in the past. They also have Zulu style shields as these seemed to fit the 'tribal look I was going for. Again avoiding metal rimmed shields. And even the banner is made up of natural, organic trophies- no chains or spikes for these guys!

Lastly is Gutbag, an old , smelly, and likely incontinent, Orc Shaman. I tried to make his skin look wrinkled and  wizened. He previously had a knife in his left hand which I removed and gave him a tambourine type of thing (I had seen a Mongol shaman holding something similar). 

Saturday, 4 December 2021


Warhammer Norse Army List

For Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd edition

Here's the link to PDF download:

Norse Codex
WFB 3rd edition

My main aim was to use the Norse Army List printed in White Dwarf 107 and fix the errors, add a few missing units and make a coherent, balanced list. I wanted it to be representative of models and themes in WFB 3rd ed. WFB 3rd is low key, there are not many extravagant fantastical units, not as many as in later WFB editions. Units are smaller, and specialist units are rarer. Feel free to download from the link above and I hope you enjoy it.

Preview of the pages here- use the link above to download the PDF for free.

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Monday, 25 October 2021

Orc wolf rider hero


Orc wolf rider hero

This old Nick Lund model used to be my Orc general. I remember buying him when I was a kid and that it came in a yellow coloured blister packet. For a time he had to ride a boar, because Orcs in warhammer can only ride boars. But I wanted to return him to his original glory. I love old Nick Lund models, so full of character and detail.

Monday, 18 October 2021

Orctober- Ugezod's Death Commandos


The Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos

Another one for Orctober. 

The box art. I wanted the shield and banner to look like the one on the below.

The original art by the mighty John Blanche. Note that the box art was flipped so that the Ugezod carries his axe in his left hand. Also note that the Orcs are not green skinned but yellow which I quite like.

The Mighty Ugezod. 

Here's the big man himself. Crook-backed and long arms a bit like a gorilla. I tried to make the shield look like the one from the box art. The photo's bleach out some details

Mormo Jabberbinder. Orc Shaman

Although the back of the box says Mormo is an Orc Shaman I think of him as a Hobgoblin. I quite like his ripped robes and the expression on his face as he points his staff at his victims.

Guzrog Dogchild. Giant black Orc. 

The way he was carrying his shield made me think that he was sheltering from arrows. I had to find something suitably large, so he is carrying a coffin. He had lost his original axe so I found a replacement. In fact many of them had lost their original weapons, which wasn't such a bad thing as they tended to be low in detail and bit small or rounded.

Shylob Carcassbreath. Hobgoblin Warrior

I opted for yellowish skin tones for my Hobgoblins. Gave him cat like eyes and a small buckler like shield.

Kudra Stuntysmasher. Goblin Hero

Kudra is a bit big and hairy for a goblin so I use him as a Hobgoblin instead. 

Sileth Frothlip. Hobgoblin Berserker.

Another enigmatic name! You can imagine a berserker to be frothing at the lips! Armed with a two-handed mace and not much more!

Ushtug the Gut. Fat Orc

Even though he isn't the best looking model, there is something about him I have always liked. Orcs today look like they have been down the gym and are on a high protein diet. So I like the idea of a fat Orc, clothed in smelly rotten furs, with an old leathery face. 

Ushtug always reminded me of Bolg, an Orc Marauder that appeared in an old White Dwarf under an article for wfrp. Another great illustration by Paul Bonner- just how I imagine my Orcs!

Saggrob Spikesticker. Orc Standard Bearer

This Orc model was originally just an Orc champion. It felt like heresy to cut off his spear, but I wanted a great looking model to be in the front rank carrying the banner. On his head he is wearing a skinned goblin. The banner was inspired by Nico Realms. The skull is water colour as I couldn't blend acrylics the way I wanted to and they were coming out too shiny.

The Orc commandos or Orc Big Uns. These models are so full of character and details like things they have looted and trophies.

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Orctober-work in progress


Bratt's Boar Boyz

Orcs were the first army I truly collected so they hold a special place in my heart. When I think of Orcs I think Paul Bonner's versions. Maybe crossed with Tolkien's (from the books, not the movies so much).

Here are my work in progress Orc Boar Boyz:

One of my favourite Orc units was my boar boys. They used to strike fear in my opponents as they were so hard to kill. But the models were never that impressive. The marauder orc models I had at the time didn't seem to represent the weapons and armour I had paid points for. Few of them had spears and some didn't even have armour or even clothes!

I was inspired by one of the Regiments of the Renown called Bratt's Boar Boyz (back in WD 106). I always hoped GW or someone would bring out models like these. This is how I imagined Orc boar riders to be. This story really brings Orcs to life, places them in what feels like an actual society full of character, unlike the new crap they churn out which is more about how many times the author can fit Waaaaaghh in a paragraph. A unit of Orc ferocity, bristling with spears and barely controlled boar mounts. 


So here they are, work in progress. Twenty Orc Grunta's and Snorta's. The majority have spears and the majority have armour of some sort.  The size of the boars varies, maybe on e day I will acquire boars all the same size, preferably boars that look like they are charging!

Now I just need to add shields, an impressive banner, and finish painting them!

And Man Mangler the Orc mangonel catapult. Love the carved face on the front of this. Painted it orange to contrast with all the green skin and drab clothes. It looks a bit pumpkin like, which may or may not be a bad thing.

Orc with flag:

I don't like the newer Orc models, too cartoony and ridiculous muscles like they've been down the gym. Plus their heads seem stretched. Prefer my Orcs to be bandy legged, crook-backed evil creatures.

This guy:

Sad troll. Don't know why he is so sad!