Saturday, 19 March 2016

Working on some Necromunda models. Fancied trying to make a Van Saar gang look... good. Van Saars have some of the geekiest looking models, sporting mullets, curly mustaches and beards. I've heard them described as 'Ned Flanders' looking.

First I had to decide on a colour scheme for the gang. Everything in warhammer 40k is grim dark, and most of the models I've seen other people paint are dark colours, and all one colour, no variation. So I hit upon the idea of white, grey and orange. A very popular mix of colours used in a lot of sci fi nowadays (District 9, Mass Effect, Destiny).

So heres my first attempt:

Not finshed yet. Just basic colours really. Needs some highlights and weathering but its getting there.

Then I wanted my Van Saar to be a bit techy. Like the old Tech gangs from Confrontation. I saw this picture in the rule book and had a go at creating a model from it. Again needs some finishing off.

And a few others that are works in progress:

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