Saturday, 30 November 2013

Galen DeMarco and Travis Perkins

Galen DeMarco and Travis Perkins from the new range of Judge Dredd Miniatures by Mongoose Miniatures.

I was quite looking forward to getting DeMarco. I like her character. However I was a little disappointed at first when the model arrived. I had hoped she would look more like this:

(shorter coat, with trims and shoulder pads, trousers that show her ankles, chunky trainers, hair style, cute face with big eyes).

Heres the original (image from Mongoose):
Travis and DeMarco from Mongoose Mini's

Instead DeMarco appears to wearing a Necromunda Delaque coat (long coat with wide collar), and boots and trousers just like a Delaque. She is carrying a what seems to be a plasma pistol but without any details to it. Her head is a little boring too, flat limp hair rather the DeMarco hairstyle above, not much detail to the face.  Nothing particularly wrong with the model, just a bit bland and unimaginative.
So heres my attempt:

 I've tried to give the model some of the details based on the comic above. Things like the trim on the coat and trainers instead of boots. I can't get it to match completely without some heavy converting. I painted her eyes slightly large (I hate painting eyes! Too fiddly) and gave her freckles. Overall I like the final result. The gun was painted with a District 9 colours in mind, not sure if it works though. I might repaint it or even just replace it with a big ass revolver or something.

The Travis model looks great. No converting needed here. Nice and chunky and has a lot of character to the pose. He is a bit mono-chromatic, but then I couldn't think up any other way of painting a gorilla in a butler suit.

Travis Perkins

 I got the Judge Dredd rulebook through today, so I hope to get some more 2000 AD miniatures painted up soon. Then I can try them out in a game.