Sunday, 10 March 2013

I'm back (sort of). Terrain, Necromunda and other musings

Wow it's been a long time since I posted anything! The reason being I had to relocate from the South to the Midlands for a job. Being only a temporary contract I didn't bring my miniatures and other paraphanelia, I had too many other things to pack! But I have missed the painting, it's a good way to unwind at the end of a day.

I've still been watching blogs, looking at new releases, and buying bits from ebay ready for when I'm able to pick this up again (I can't kick the habbit that easily!). My contract ends in May, and as the date gets nearer the more I itch to get started. I've had lots of random ideas and musings while at work or watching tv in the evenings. The one thing I come back to most often is terrain. I want to make a decent table top board. I currently have two 2x4 chipboard painted green on one side and grey on the other. I want to do something a bit more...special. Have lots of ideas, begining to feel the obsession coming over me again. First up is a desert board. Really like the look of them, it's different to the usual green table and would look great for Necromunda wastes or 7TV. I also want to make a marsh, swamp type board, with creepy hanging trees and water features. Then theres finishing my modern terrain for 7Tv and zombie games.

But before all that, I'm going to create some sci-fi terrain. Mostly for the chance of starting a Necromunda campaign with my friends (although it could be used for Inquisitor 28mm, or another sci fi setting). But I also like making the models even if they don't get used. I want to put a bit of effort into it and make it look as realistic as I can.

So in my spare time I've been surfing the net getting ideas. One thing I would like to make is the noodle bar from Blade Runner. Then I came across concept art of the upcoming game starwars 1313. This is the look I would love to get into my scenery:

Theres a lot of good stuff out there. I was also particularly inspired by this guys site (if I can't take photos of my stuff then I might as well include photos of others peoples stuff):

 He's recreated all the Necromunda card terrain in 3d (and you dont need silly glasses to appreciate it!) all scratch built from plasticard and bits. Really nice. I love his walkways. I think they are a key part to the Necromunda experience, so I plan on making as many walkways as possible:

And this lovely lady's painting has made me want to get my old Delaque's and Scavvys out and started painting them again (and also makes me regret selling my ratskins and escher):
Where to start?? While I like the Necromunda card terrain, it always felt like it didn't have any use. It was just a series of floors held up by bulkheads, a bit like scafolding, but with no building under it. What did the people of Necromunda use it for? So I want my terrain to have a purpose. Appartment blocks with balconies and walkways, shops and alleyways, all in a sci fi setting.
So I think I'll begin with the noodle bar in the star wars 1313 pic above. Its similar to the blade runner one, and I cant find any decent pictures of that. I hope to make my scenery in 'modules', as seperate pieces that can be placed next to one another for variation. I've got to keep in mind the walkways, and leave areas where I can attach these. I hope to load up some sketches of my plans to give a better idea of what I'm doing. Maybe I'll even do a 3d render if I can be bothered (i work as a 3d artist).

Well, I have my work cut out for me. My biggest challenge is to not get side tracked and start something completely different!
Thoughts and comments welcome!


  1. Hey Salacious, thanks for the mention :) You have a nice blog here, even if it has been a long time since your last update!

    Looking forward to seeing how your terrain comes along, its such a huge part of Necromunda, and something I neglect, but often very much admire! 1313 is a good source of inspiration for sure, looks like a bit of a fresh air for the SW games.

    One thing I'd like to see more of in Necro is the terrain having a bit of logic, as in it being shops or houses or factories or something, rather than just a random collection of industrial misc. I mean someone went to the trouble of building these things, so they must have or had some purpose! Anyway :P enough rambling! Will follow with interest.

  2. Hey Zoring! Been so busy lately only just getting a chance to get down to this.
    Yeah thats exactly what I'm thinking. I'm going to start by building some 'standard' necromunda terrain like the photos above, just so we have something to game with. So I've been buying up bulkheads from ebay - they cost so much! Once I've built a couple of those style buildings I want to build some shops and flats, in a sci-fi/star wars 1313 style.

    Hows your painting going? Finished anymore Necromunda figures?

  3. I appreciate your citing my Dakka Stuff!

  4. I appreciate your citing my Dakka Stuff!