Sunday, 7 February 2016

Goblin Wolf Charriots

Goblin wolf charriots.

These came in a box called Goblin Battle Chariots and the Goblin hero in the back was called Odbod Dogbreath.  I love the stories that used to be on the back of the boxes back in the day.

The models are still a bit 'work in progress'. Almost there. The whips are made from guitar string. One needs a handle made from green stuff. I had lost the scythes from one chariot, but managed to find a pair on ebay. I've glued them on but they need painting. I wanted a rusty look to armour and metals and added that in places. Kept the colours muted and earthy.

I started by painting the wolves. Instead of just painting them grey and dry brushing them, I looked online for wolf photos and tried to paint the patterns and colours that real wolves are. 

I did the base last. Just PVA and sand. I tried to leave rutts from where the wheels passed at the back of the chariot. Its more noticeable on the second chariots base. 
I don't like how the bases have turned out right now. I think the models looked better before i did the bases! I plan to add grass tufts and/or static grass. 

-Any tips or advice is welcome!

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