Sunday, 8 December 2013

Necromunda gangs

Heres a quick post. Just a work in progress of my Necromunda gangers. First up the Goliath gang. I wanted these to have a Mad Max or Fallout influence. I painted some lovely flesh tones on them, then thought I would use inks to dirty them up, but that seems to have been a bad idea as now they just look muddy:

 Next is the Delaque gang. Varying colours of trench coats:

And last is some of Scavvy gang. I really want to do these models justice. Long way to go with these:


  1. They look good so far. Who said the Underhive was a clean place!

  2. I never did "get" Necromunda, but the rules seemed pretty good and the figures are good even if a bit too OTT for my tastes.