Sunday, 24 November 2013

Orc Boar boyz. Snorta's and Grunta's

Wow it's been a while since I posted anything. A new job that I started in July and a hour and a half commute have meant that I have had little time to do my hobby. I still read posts, paint and buy things (can't help myself), but I just haven't had time or inclination to do my blog. But I'm determined to post more frequently.

Anyway, I was inspired by Orctober (found on this blog here: ) and started looking back at my old Orc army. Had to dig it out of cupboards and reassemble parts of it.

 I remembered it being much more impressive and painted better. After looking at it I decided to dip lots of it to repaint them. I also have about 50 goblin wolf riders and 50 odd night goblins.

Orcs were the first army I truly collected so they hold a special place in my heart. When I think of Orcs I think Paul Bonner's versions. Maybe crossed with Tolkeins (from the books, not the movies so much). I loved the little illustrations of Orcs in the old Warhammer armies book (3rd edition I think?), the one which had all the armies in one book (seen here).

One of my favourite units was my boar boys. They used to strike fear in my opponents as they were so hard to kill. But the models were never that impressive. The orc models didn't seem to represent the weapons and armour I had paid points for. Few of them had spears and some didn't even have armour.

 I was inspired by the Regiment of the Renowned called Bratt's Boar Boyz (back in WD 106?). I always hoped GW or someone would bring out models like these. This is how I imagined Orc boar riders to be. A unit of screaming Orc ferocity, spears and barely controlled boar mounts (I hate the look of the plastic orc boars by the way, they barely look like a boar, and seem so simplistic as to be closer to a childs toy than a model. Why can't manufacturers make them like the pics below???)
So here's my attempt at creating something resembling Brat's Boar Boyz.

Not quite as good as I hoped. I still need an Orc rider or two and I'm not willing to spend stupid amounts on ebay to get one. I found some Marauder Orc Riders with spears that are in the back row. Models I had never seen before. One at the back has a comically large head, which is a modern GW orc head, and its probably larger than his body. I was limited by the Orcs models I could find, and the new GW Orc models are just useless. Much larger and cartoony than theold 80's orcs.
I want to change the banner for something different, the current one is a place holder. And I need to add their shields once I've painted the riders. Once I manage to get the models I need to complete the unit I hope I will find the inspiration to finish them off.

In the meantime I've been painting Judge Dredd and Necromunda figures. I'll post some more soon.

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