Monday, 3 June 2013

Necromunda House Rules

Been busy with work as usual. Moved flats recently. Starting to get my stuff back into order.

Really into Necromunda at the moment. Started to write down our house rules, and then it turned into an edit of the entire rulebook! If you are curious you can download it here:

Let me know what you think. It has some big changes, so I know that not everyone will like it.

In the meantime I also stripped a lot of old Necromunda models using Fairy Power Spray (love that stuff, doesn't smell as bad as Detol!). Got lots to paint now!

First off I got side tracked and started to paint my old Imperial Guard. Just undercoated for now. Planning on a khaki green, USMC sort of look. Might use them as Enforcers in a Necromunda arbiter scenario (thinking of repainting the Ogryns too)

Next up is a Goliath gang that I bought from GW. The first models I've bought from GW itself in about 10 years. I felt dirty afterwards. Still the models are good. I want Mad Max style gang.

 Then there are the Delaques (De-la-cue or De-lack?) A couple have lost their heads. They have a couple of Catachan heads on them at the moment, but I might use some of the gas mask style heads from Pig Iron- seen them on another blog and was very impressed.

 Then a bunch of old mini's. Some Confrontation models and space pirates even.

 These new Chaos Cultist models I got from ebay for a few quid. Not bad for plastic GW figures. Guns aren't overly huge for once.
 Another assortment of models. Some Foundry Street Violence models that might fit in with Necromunda outlaws. My Necromunda is also inspired by Fallout computer games. I would love to make a desert board when I get time, with shanty towns etc...
 ...and then I bought some servitors from ebay. As I said, easily distracted. Like the models though. Plan on painting them up in some Borg like colours. These might feature in some Arbitor campaign as well.

Oh and I've been buying up bulkheads. They cost so much on ebay! Finally got enough to start making some necromunda terrain. One I've made some of the basic necromunda scenery then I plan on making my own custom building based on Star Wars 1313 etc.

Lots to do!