Sunday, 6 May 2012

Matrix and A-team

Wow. Been a while since I posted. Thought its about time I posted some more of my collection. These are some of the figures I hope to use in 7TV (such a great ruleset). Just need to convince my friends to play it!
First up some characters from the Matrix:

Trinity, Neo, Morpheus

Mouse, Switch and Apoc

Next up is the A-Team from the Foundry. Used to love this show as a kid. Hannibal and Murdoch capture the characters perfectly, but B.A. and Face are a little disappointing. I think their poses and detail could be a little better.

The A-Team


  1. Oooh! Love the Matrix figures - who are they from?

  2. They are from various companies. Neo is from Reaper, Trinity and Morpheus and Switch are from Foundry (Trinity has had a headswap - in fact I just noticed she has the same head as Switch!). Mouse is a GW delaque and Apoc I think is Copplestone.
    I just like making Film/TV tie-ins!

  3. Very cool. Apoc is from Copplestone future wars range, bad guys in suits.

    I love to see movie tie ins. I bout my 'B' team off ebay bnib only to find it had two murdocks and no BA!

  4. Cool collection of figures. I'd like to see them in a batrep.