Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Scaramanga and Nick Nack

A couple of Bond villains. I have a few more that I will post soon:

They are both Foundry figures converted to look a bit more like the characters.

Monday, 7 May 2012

More movie mini's

More of my modern 28mm collection.
 First is a couple of Kill Bill characters. Beatrix Kiddo is a Copplestone Babe conversion. O'ren Ishii is from Hasslefree (can't wait to use O'ren in 7TV as a villain - I always seem to end up as the villain!).
Beatrix Kiddo and O'ren Ishii

Next is Batman and the Joker. Batman is a heroclixs rebased and painted. The Joker is originally a Foundry mini, but with a new head and green stuff hair. I like the way this turned out, although I still can't paint details around the eyes very easily.
What skills would you give the joker in 7TV? I think he should have some Disadvantage representing his insanity.

"Why so serious?!" Batman and the Joker
 Last a few oddities. Jason from Friday the 13th (thinking i might use him in 7TV as an Inhuman Servitor or Failed Experiment). Kick Ass from a certain film... can't remember the title right now. And Selene from Underworld. Which reminds me, has anyone seen any rules for Vampires in 7TV? I have seen them for 7ombie, and while good, don't quite seem to fit in. The 7ombie rules are for B-movie vamps and seem a little more feral, where as I would like some for vamps like Selene, Blade or Spike from Buffy. Vampires who are little more sophisticated and sometimes use weapons.
Jason, Kick ass and Selene

More painted mini's coming soon...

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Matrix and A-team

Wow. Been a while since I posted. Thought its about time I posted some more of my collection. These are some of the figures I hope to use in 7TV (such a great ruleset). Just need to convince my friends to play it!
First up some characters from the Matrix:

Trinity, Neo, Morpheus

Mouse, Switch and Apoc

Next up is the A-Team from the Foundry. Used to love this show as a kid. Hannibal and Murdoch capture the characters perfectly, but B.A. and Face are a little disappointing. I think their poses and detail could be a little better.

The A-Team

Friday, 16 March 2012


Heres a custom cardstock building I've been working on. Made my own textures in photoshop. Made with 1.5mm card. Based on a London style shop. The width is 4" and I plan to make a few more of the same and hope they fit to a grid system for my terrain.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Things I'm working on

Wow. Can't believe I have'nt posted anything this year. Been reading a lot of blogs, but never seem to get around to finishing any of my own projects.
Well I am still working on things. I seem to keep swapping from one thing to another.
I made some more Shipping containers, smaller ones this time. I put the originals next to them for comparison, and when you see them next to a building you realise just how huge they were. I like the smaller containers better, it uses less card and printed paper, and I can fit more on the tabletop!