Thursday, 10 November 2011

To start things off I thought I would post images of my Predator team. Based on the guys from the film, one of my favourites, they are made up of bits of GW Catachan Jungle fighters, first ed Imperial guards and bits of green stuff. Plus Chaos Knight heads for Mac and Dillon. Weapons from the Foundry and my bits box.
I made these up a few years ago and think I should really give them a better paint job some day.


  1. I really like these guys, and they look good in the painjob as you have them. Very unique. I'm assuming you have some Predators for them to deal with as well?

    Ever actually use them in a game? I'm not sure if there is a good ruleset for Predators. Seems like one that would be best catered towards solo play.

    Welcome to the blogosphere.

  2. You must say hello at peoples blogs! I Only notice you appear on my follower list today.

    They look really cool now get a Preddy to hunt them down in the jungle. Get to da chopper!

  3. @Adam- Thanks. I tried to keep to the colour scheme from the films as closely as possible. Its the skin tones that I wish I was better at painting. I have some Predator models from Copplestone. Never used them in a game yet. Thinking of making a custom game, possibly using spacehulk blips with some of them being fake readings or something.

    @Brummie- Cheers. Still new to all this! Not sure what I'm sposed to do or how to introduce myself.

  4. Would you use these for Kill Team?

  5. I don't know Kill Team. Never heard of it.
    Been using some Necromunda/old confrontation rules for skirmish games. Hope to try some different rules sets soon.